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YLC token is a digital multi-purpose utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 which is shared  among developers, investors and users.

Team, Advisors, initial investors are carefully selected based on their commitment to ensure the long term goals of the platform. Assets of all holders who will be given medium stakes will be subject to 6 months vesting starting from the day of the transaction. YLC retained by the Team will be vested for 2 years starting from the day of the release of the token.

The Yoollar utility platform aims to revolutionize the usage of decentralized finance by introducing commercial and lifestyle based applications that would enable enthusiasts to put digital currencies into actual day to day use. The impact of which we hope would influence and encourage people sitting on the fence of decentralized finance to take a position and join the moving train to the future.

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