Total: 100,000,000 YLC

Price: 100 YLC = 1 USDT

Minimum Buy: 1000 YLC = 5 USDT

30% Discount for Early-birds

1️.  Download the Yoollar Mobile App/ Wallet.
2. Buy USDT with Fiat using the Yoollar Exchange or any P2P platform of your choice (Binance, Remitano etc.)
3. Open Yoollar-Swap 
4. Connect your wallet (Metamask, TrustWallet etc.) to YoollarSwap by clicking the “Connect Wallet” Button.
5. Ensure to have some BNB for Gas Fees in your wallet.
6. Swap USDT for YLC (Don’t forget to set Slippage Tolerance)
Download Yoollar Mobile App

Available On Android

Coming soon on iOS