What is Yoollar.com?

The Yoollar utility platform aims to revolutionize the usage of decentralized finance by introducing commercial and lifestyle based applications that would enable enthusiasts to put digital currencies into actual day to day use. The impact of which we hope would influence and encourage people sitting on the fence of decentralized finance to take a position and join the moving train to the future.

What is YLC Token?

A very important feature of Yoollar.com

YLC token is a digital multi-purpose utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 which is shared  among developers, investors and users.

How do i participate and get ylc token airdrop?

Follow the instructions on the airdrop page & join the telegram channel to participate. Make sure you refer people.

How do i participate in presale to purchase YLC tokens?

Click on the YLC Coin on the Home page of the website to see the whitepaper & tokenomics. Click on “How to buy YLC” under the presale model, then proceed to download the mobile app and follow the instructions. NOTE: You can only purchase YLC tokens with USDT, meanwhile you will be charged gas fees in BNB, therefore you must load some BNB as well.

Will YLC be listed on trading platforms in the near future?

After the YLC Presale has been concluded, Yoollar will proceed to list YLC on trading platforms. Please join Telegram Channel to see daily announcements.

What is Yoollar Marketplace?

Yoollar Marketplace is the first project developed by Yoollar in a bid to revolutionize e-commerce. Designed to open just twice a week, users holding the YLC Tokens will be able to shop for various items/products directly on the platform from Yoollar stores and other third-parties at “lower prices” or “discounted rates”. The merging of digital economy with domestic economy will be taken further with online retailers’ acceptance of the YLC Tokens for purchases on the platform.

how does the Yoollar crypto academy work?

The Yoollar Crypto Academy is where you get trained on how to trade crypto. It is totally free for the beginners level and a total of 5,000 naira is charged for the advanced level.

What is Yoollar Exchange?

The Yoollar exchange feature allows for users to trade their tokens on the platform using the mobile app or website in a swift and secure process. Currently, coins including BTC, ETH, DOGE, YLC and fiats such as NGN, USD can be traded for USDT at fixed friendly rates. NOTE: This is not a P2P feature. Every transaction is carried out directly between Yoollar Verified Merchants and users.

How can i become a verified merchant on Yoollar?

To become a verified merchant on Yoollar, send a mail to info@yoollar.com and also state your name, location and social media handles.

How do I download the yoollar mobile app?

Yoollar Mobile App is currently available on Google Playstore for Android users. Use this LINK to Download.