1️.  Click on this telegram bot link to participate in airdrop and get free YLC tokens.
2️.  Click /start to start the airdrop bot.
3️.  Read the writeup/article before proceeding.
4️.  Make sure you follow our social media pages, (like, repost/ retweet). Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram
5️.  Drop your social media handle as requested by the bot.
6. Refer at least 5 friends to get up to 5000 YLC.
7️. Click on withdraw ->add wallet address.
8. Download the Yoollar Mobile App from Playstore or App Store to sign up and generate your YLC wallet address by clicking on “YLC Coin” & “Receive button”.
9️. Copy and paste the YLC wallet address  from the Yoollar app and paste on the airdrop bot.
10. Click Done then press Back button.
11. Click on Withdraw, fill the Google form and Submit.

12.  Be a little bit patient and check your wallet for your YLC token.