YLC token is a digital multi-purpose utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 which is shared  among developers, investors and users.

Team, Advisors, initial investors are carefully selected based on their commitment to ensure the long term goals of the platform. Assets of all holders who will be given medium stakes will be subject to 6 months vesting starting from the day of the transaction. YLC retained by the Team will be vested for 2 years starting from the day of the release of the token.


Total Supply

1,000,000,000 YLC

10% of the token is reserved to expand the platform in future sale or in the case of financial  hardship, while activities on the Yoollar platform, protocols, staking, governance voting, scarcity & persistence will be the major factors driving the value of the YLC token. 10% will be offered as presale to initial investors to raise initial capital.


Users will be able to stake YLC to accrue rewards in the form of returns on their YLC assets in various  pooled protocols. YLC tokens and rewards can be traded with other assets such as USDT after the staking period.


Fee Distribution

A portion of YLC’s value is created by leveraging a fee of 5% on realized capital gains from and a variable transaction fee on DEX swaps, which is partially added to the fund used to buy YLC from the  market with the intent to redistribute it back to the community.



YLC tokens acts as governance token allowing users to vote on changes as regards the Yoollar project and long term/ short term plans and also allow users to propose new legislation. Only staked tokens will be eligible to vote, with the option to stake tokens for a specific proposal available during a voting period. Voting power or allocation of voting units per proposal will vary for different users depending on the amount of YLC tokens they stake and the duration of the stake.

Each user also has the right to create proposals which will come at the cost of staking an amount of YLC tokens for a period of time. There are no rewards for staked governance tokens beyond the increased voting power. Crowd sourcing is also a way of generating capital to create a proposal.

Presale Model

Total: 100,000,000 YLC

Price: 100 YLC = 1 USDT

30% Discount for Early-birds


The Yoollar utility platform aims to revolutionize the usage of decentralized finance by introducing commercial and lifestyle based applications that would enable enthusiasts to put digital currencies into actual day to day use. The impact of which we hope would influence and encourage people sitting on the fence of decentralized finance to take a position and join the moving train to the future.

The Problem

Crypto currency in general has gained much attention but not the deserved level of acceptance as major economic stakeholders and financial services are still skeptical about the development due to high volatility and adoption. This has mitigated the use of crypto-currency despite having grown to a trillion dollar industry while majority of enthusiasts and developers hope it will someday be widely acceptable just like regular cash.


The Solution

The Yoollar Utility platform incorporates the technology of decentralized finance for Ecommerce, Entertainment, Agri-business and supply chain, Sport, Fundraising for Startups, Governance, African Intra-trade, Staking and Classified Information bringing a plethora of opportunities to common users, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Some of these features are already enabled on the Yoollar platform, the sole aim of which to give the Yoollar Coin an intrinsic value within and beyond the public blockchain space.

Main Features

Yoollar Marketplace

Yoollar Marketplace is the first project developed by Yoollar in a bid to revolutionize e-commerce. Designed to open just twice a week, users holding the YLC Tokens will be able to shop for various items/products directly on the platform from Yoollar stores and other third-parties at “lower prices” or “discounted rates”. The merging of digital economy with domestic economy will be taken further with online retailers’ acceptance of the YLC Tokens for purchases on the platform.


The Yoollar exchange feature allow for users to trade their tokens on the platform using the mobile app or website in a swift and secure process. Currently, coins including BTC, ETH, DOGE, YLC and fiats such as NGN, USD can be traded for USDT at fixed friendly rates. NOTE: This is not a P2P feature. Every transaction is carried out directly between Yoollar and users.

Agribusiness & Supply Chain

Yoollar aims to take Agribusiness to the next level by facilitating the purchases of farm produce/livestock with crypto-currency like YLC tokens especially for small scale farmers at discounted rates for users. Farmers will be able to exchange YLC tokens to USDT and to FIAT on the platform. Small scale farmers also looking for grants will be able to access loans in YLC tokens for a period of time.

Creative Industry

Yoollar Coin are codes that can automatically execute agreements between two parties either in the creative industry or an investor connecting with a creator, entertainer, and enterprise on the Yoollar platform leveraging blockchain technology. This opened the floodgates for the development of new use cases and peer-to-peer investment into creative and enterprise industry.
Yoollar Coin will improve the overall functionality transaction processing rates, and generally scaling into sharing wealth with millions across the globe.


The sport betting world is not also left out as users will be able to stake YLC tokens on their favorite teams/ athletes including football, basketball, boxing etc.

Fundraising for Startups

Yoollar will run annual fundraising programs for startups in a bid to bring more opportunities to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Yoollar will open funding opportunities for startups at various stages including idea-stage. Funds will be raised and issued as YLC tokens which will be tradable on different exchange platforms.

Road Map

  • Base Platform Launch (website, Yoollar App)
  • BSC Initial Deployment   
  • Public Token Sale                                                                                                                                   

  • Full Interoperability  
  • Yoollar Market-Place Integration    
  • Rewards Staking                                               

  • Launch of Yoollar Startups-Fundraising
  • Maturity Contracts